Thursday, 8 October 2009

Toys will be Toys

The sun is finally back! I don't know about you ... but these three grey in grey days got me a bit down - Mind you, all the more reason to rejoice today! Colours again!

Remember when I told you about the belated birthday present my brother got me?

Today, I can reveal that it has something - if not everything :) - to do with photography!

By now you should also know how much I enjoy swimming at the Tooting Bec Lido :)

The pool is open all year round to members - the water not heated - and it's all amazing fun!

The buzz one gets from swimming in cold water all year round is simply indescribable! You'll either have to take my word for it .... or try it!

Anyway, today's water temperature was down to 13 Celsius - yes, you are right, rather fresh!
Even the air temperature at 8am was a touch crisp - However, nothing could stop me from using my toy!

I can also reveal that it takes a bit getting used to. So with no further a do, I lowered myself into the water. I'm only in a pool (as opposed to the wide open sea) but believe me, a totally different world opened up to me - I could finally swim with a mask that contains a camera!

Excited I started to swim and every now and again I took a shot - not easy to gage what you are capturing as the camera in placed above eye level. At the moment I'm adopting a bit of a hit and miss strategy :) The results are "interesting" ... to say the least!

The shot I'm sharing today shows beautiful colours and reflections. It also shows a bit of the perspective one gets when swimming.

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  1. Love it, love it, love it!!!
    What's the new toy, can you let me know, I might be able to use it down in Spain...