Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hot off the press

I'm not feeling too well today... got a bit of runny nose ... ahhhhhh, I know, I'm not the only one!

But hey, I still had to go out for a spot of shopping... ginger, lemon, strepsils ... and to view the results of the photo Wandsworth 09 competition at the Southside Shopping Center - you get the picture!

Fortunately, the sun decided to show its face after a bit of a gloomy morning - Now, the day is already looking much better!

I'm not ever leaving the house without my camera anymore, no matter how good or "not so good" I feel :) today is no different.

Walking down into Wandsworth town I don't come across anything exciting. Some interesting characters are out shopping at Primark though! I attempt to take some .. but to no avail ...

The Photo exhibition is OK ... but then again nothing really jumps out at me... I must enter next year's competition!

"Enough running around. I need a coffee. What will you have?"

Eying up photo opportunities at Cafe Nero, I gladly accept "Raspberry and Ginseng please." How good to have a friend looking after me ... specially today .. when, well you know .. I'm feeling a bit under the weather :)

I take a seat outside. Two great photo possibilities right in front of my very lens! A heated telephone conversation to my right and the latest news to my left.

I have a go at both - and in case you are not up to date with yesterday's biggest controversy, it's hot off The Times today!

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