Saturday, 26 September 2009

All engines go

I can't keep up with my day ...

I've been going non stop since 7am - the usual back exercises plus morning Gongyo .. shopping and cooking! when will I make time to do my blog? well, right now between .. this and that!

Let me tell you what's on the agenda.

You see, we are holding a dinner party tonight - yeah great ! And the Lido is holding an event - the 103 length in celebration of 103 years of Tooting Bec Lido. Great too!

Of course I must, must, must take part :) registration is from 1pm- I don't know when I'll be in the water to do my bit - I'll be teaming up with a few people - don't know who yet - am aiming to do a bit more than my usual 10 lengths - sun's out - that's good! The sun was out all day yesterday (even better!) so, who knows, the water temperature may very well have crept up by 1/2 a degree :)

What all this means, however, is organising each minute of my day, so no minute gets wasted ...:) stress alert, I hear you say ... ! yes, could be. If I let it ... I practice Buddhism so that I don't :)

What's on the menu;
Courgette fritters, Beef Goulash and Apfelstrudl!

Shopping went well - got all I needed - I'm doing the Goulash and the Apfelstrudl - Shirley's doing the Courgette Fritters - when she gets back that is - she's in town - she's got a few clients and will be back .. when? when I'm in the water probably!

All this would be fine if I was not doing a blog on ... cooking?! - Like Julia did in the film Julie and Julia - fun film! a recipe a day ... but no. I'm not!

I'm doing a blog on photography. I'm going out each day to capture something exciting in the streets of London. Choosing one shot and sharing it with you.

Back to my cooking though! chop chop chop - onions, garlic, peppers ...
diced beef is ready - coconut milch bought, fresh parsley too - mild sweet paprika , and cayenne pepper, salt and ground black pepper, white wine all neatly prepared. Doing it all according to recipe. Looking fine - and while the Goulash is bubbling along I'm already busy preparing the ingredients for the Dessert : Austrian Apflestrudl.

More chop chop chop: Cooking Apples this time. Lining up the Lemon Juice, Cinnamon, Sugar, melting Butter to brown Bread Crumbs. Uffff that's all done too. Ahh and now most importantly, the thin Strudl dough! My friend Tamara brought some over from Austria when she came to visit a few weeks ago. Sorted!

Laying it out carefully is the trickiest part - that's done too - now filling it and rolling it - bit tricky too - Oven was preheating .. ohh yes, nothing gets forgotten!

Rolled and ready for the baking tray - looking very good! and in it goes - for ca. 30 minutes - got to play it by ear and watch it doesn't burn on top!

12.00 and I'm done - can you believe it - The Strudl is looking mighty fine!

On to my blog ... photo ... what, no time for that?!

Sorry, I must break the rules.

There are three options:

1 - I publish a shot that so very nearly became yesterday's shot .. it's soooo cool, specially as it was shot out of the hip! the guy came out of nowhere. I was sitting on a little wall.
I quickly reacted, turned the shutter speed right down to a 30th of a second to capture the movement and took one shot - one shot only!

2 - I take a photo of the lovely meal and publish that! a bit boring right?

3 - As it is the weekend and we are all celebrating the end of the summer ... sniffff, I know! I will publish 2 photos - How's that?!

Hey let me quickly put yesterday's shot up though - I like it so much! I can always add the other one later! cause it's time for me to cycle up the Lido. Can't wait for my splish!

Ok here it is - the famous Austrian Apfeltrudl in its full glory!

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